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get moving!
  • Mother pulls easily bike trailer with 2 children and shopping - thanks to cleanmobile drive systemPedelec 25, 45 and Cargo


Smart driving 

Daily motion, never a traffic jam and make quick progress – city traffic without bicycles would be unthinkable. Anyone who covers short distances several times a day can use the TQ drive system for these models:

Pedelec 25


Pedelecs of up to 250 watts of power are classified by ordinance as a bicycle if the motor assists to no more than 25 km/h. An e-bike with a TQ drive accelerates noticeably faster than conventional systems thanks to the strong torque of 120 Nm. In this way, the drive achieves considerably greater accelerations than all other drives – just the right thing to have the best takeoff at any stop light.

Pedelec 45

In this class, the motor provides a rated power of 500 watts and assists up to 45 km/h. Here too, the torque from a dead stop is a powerful 120 newton meters. Bicycles of this class may ride in traffic if they have an insurance sticker and components approved by the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StvZO). These components include, for example, a lighting system and fenders - the perfect choice for the friends of higher speed! 

Pedelec Cargo


For industrial applications, TQ adapts the drive setup individually to the purpose, regardless of whether for two-wheelers, tricycles or multi-track vehicles. The IP65 class of protection makes sure that even the most varied weather conditions cannot touch the TQ120C – and that you can move your transport goods through the streets quickly and with a clean environmental conscience.