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  • Explosion draft of the TQ120S driveLooking into the heart of the TQ120S drive
  • Picture open tq drive systemCompact, solid, perfectly matched

Get closer!

Perfect details - best results

Motion can only be smooth if all components are perfectly tuned to one another and everything works perfectly. A close look at the heart of the TQ120S drive shows the following details.

The specifications:

TQ120S 25 km/hTQ120S 45 km/hTQ120S RaceTQ120C
Rated Power (W)250500920250
Torque (Nm)120120120120
Start-up aid-up to 20 km/hup to 20 km/h  -
Pushing aidup to 6 km/h
Voltage (V)48
CommunicationCAN-Bus, UART
Efficiency (%)> 80
Class of ProtectionIP 65
Weight, drive system (kg)4,2

Rotationally symmetric Installation space

Ø 144 mm in diameter
Length of the bottom bracket shaft14,6 cm
CompatibilityAll conventional shifting mechanisms

Pin ring transmission

  • patented pin ring transmission from cleanmobile

The TQ120S contains the patented pin ring transmission from TQ. It achieves an enormous torque (120 Nm) in a very small space (144 mm diameter). 

Mode of operation:

The electric machine drives an elliptical roller bearing. The oval contour moves 150 pins in a wave pattern between the inner gear (148 teeth) and the stationary external gear (152 teeth). The pins act as transmitters. Transmission takes place between the rotary motion of the bearing (input: motor) and the internal gear (output to the chain ring). All the pins are engaged around the entire circumference achieving power transmission that occurs in a minimum of installation space. The transmission gears down in only one stage with a ratio of 1:37. That is, at a pedaling frequency of 80 rpm, the electric machine is running at about 3000 rpm. Thanks to the integrated freewheel, the bicycle can be pedaled just like a bike without a Motor as, when the drive is disengaged, no internal components are moving.

The specifications: 


TQ pin ring transmission


rotationally symmetric

One-stage reduction


Torque sensor




» Detail view: Pin ring transmission

Electric motor

  • Picture cleanmobile electric motor

The motor is a high-performance power unit specially designed for use in an e-bike. The design of the permanent magnet DC motor is based on the technology of the servo motors used to control satellites.

 The losses are lower than in comparable systems because of the closely wound coils.

» Detail view: Electric motor

Wiring harness

Depending on official approval, the vehicle needs different components and a wiring harness corresponding to this situation. TQ offers a choice of prefabricated wiring harnesses with different connectors. Depending on the vehicle's application, different versions are available.


The display is controlled using UART. All the relevant information on the bike is displayed for the rider on this device. 

  • Gear (a maximum of five)
  • Battery state of charge
  • Range
  • Speed
  • Average speed
  • Maximum speed
  • Kilometers per day
  • Total distance
  • Pushing aid
  • System information

New display features:

  • 3.2" TFT
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Data logger including transmission to a smart phone
  • Display of incoming calls and texts
  • Remote control using the mini joystick
  • 12 V
  • Removable
  • Charging port for a smart phone

Additional components

The high-efficiency power electronics are located in the motor housing, which provides the best protection, and are optimally matched to the demands of the system. All the components also communicate via the CAN bus using sturdy connector systems and the wiring harness. 

A torque sensor measures how strongly the rider is pedaling. It is located on the bottom bracket shaft in the drive housing and precisely regulates the amount of assist necessary.

The speed sensor on the rear wheel provides the system with accurate information on the current speed. Depending on the type, the traveling speed is determined either once or several times per revolution of the rear wheel.

To protect bicycle components such as the chain, sprocket and gear system while shifting, the control system interrupts the drive for a few milliseconds and causes a shift interruption. This makes it possible to shift quickly and to shift while under load. In addition, the shift interruption protects components and increases their service life.

A brake shutdown feature can be integrated into the system. With this, the system is capable of immediately shutting down the drive when the brakes are applied.

The TQ standard batteries have either 56 or 70 cells. With a 56-cell battery, the drive system has a range of up to 130 km* on a level road. Rechargeable batteries can also be engineered and designed according to customer requirements.

The quick charger recharges the standard battery to 80% of its capacity in about 90 minutes. The battery is completely recharged after somewhat more than two hours.

Compact, high quality – and perfectly tuned. 

* Depending on homologation, power stage and the rider.