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  • Picture illustration system integration

Get together!

The right fit for every frame design

The rotationally symmetric and compact structure allows for individual bike designs without the bicycle manufacturer sacrificing his brand identity. The housing diameter is 144 mm and is smaller than a 36-tooth chain ring.

This allows complex chainstay systems with suspension, bicycles with stringent design requirements or e-bikes with tight demands on the space required to be implemented in a superior manner.

Just right for big jobs

  • Picture PINCargo drive system

The TQ120C was developed for continuous industrial use and achieves very high number of miles traveled with ease. It is ideal for transporting heavy loads – continuously – because of its especially stable components.

In this application, the high torque and the excellent power transmission of the pin ring transmission earn high marks. Of course, even the software is tuned for cargo operation. 

» Detail view: TQ120C drive system

Easy to integrate

To integrate the PIN drive as easily as possible into the bicycle frame, TQ offers a specially developed integration adapter.

After being adapted to the frame design, the drive is installed using only three bolts.

The electrical connector already contains all the important lines. The two sides of the connector mate as if by themselves when the drive is inserted.

Additional components

  • Light system preparation, 12-V system for the headlight and tail light as well as lights for the license plate and brakes if needed.
  • Brake switch
  • Standard wiring harnesses 
  • Standard or customized batteries

Compatible with the following shifting types:

The drive system is compatible with all shifting mechanisms and the same applies to the front derailleur.  

All components from a single source – tailored to your wishes.