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  • M1 Spitzing bike with TQ120S Race drive systemM1 Spitzing: with TQ120S Race drive system

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TQ will keep you regulartly informed here on this page about new customer success stories with our e-bike drive systems - stay tuned for more!

January 2015 | Success Story

M1 Spitzing is using the TQ TQ120S Race drive system

The M1 website has detailed information on the Spitzing.

August 2015 | Success Story

E-bike hand-crafted of wood: The Woodpecker Field Motion E-One with a TQ drive.

The Woodpecker E-bike is individually customized

The wood frame of the Woodpecker E-bike may be equipped with a lot of different components at the customer's request. The only part always mounted on the Woodpecker is the TQ mid-drive. Every model is produced by hand and is unique with the requested parts. 

More information at

  • Logo Woodpecker
  • E-Bike made out of wood with cleanmobile drive

August 2015 | Success Story

BAYK and TQ present with the BRAND X an enormous power package in honour of the legendary Luis Trenker 

BAYK designs, plans and develops customer specific e-mobility products. 

Quality is a main focus of the BAYK AG in addition to sophisticated design. Each project, from development through to series product, is realized with enthusiasm and Bavarian creativity. Innovative self-developments like the BRAND BAYK are best suited as driving image campaigns for your company, thanks to individual design options matched to your Corporate Identity .

More information at

  • Logo Bayk AG
  • Top Speed Pedelec BRAND X with cleanmobile-drive