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Peter Schlickenrieder named new TQ Brand Ambassador

  • TQ Brand Ambassador Peter Schlickenrieder
  • The E-Bike drive system from TQ: TQ HPR 120S

Competitive-sports world meets cutting-edge technology

Starting September 2017 Peter Schlickenrieder will serve as brand ambassador for the technology firm TQ-Systems. Peter Schlickenrieder is an Olympic silver medal winner who after finishing his career established himself as a co-moderator and TV expert contributor, but also initiated extraordinary sports, adventure, and film projects. The goal of this collaboration between TQ and Peter Schlickenrieder is to inspire society to employ cutting-edge technologies in the most efficient and appropriate way while also supporting a happy and healthy lifestyle.

The decision to engage Peter Schlickenrieder as TQ Brand Ambassador was an easy one for Reiner Gerstner, Chief Marketing Officer of the TQ Group: “Of course the shared values of the TQ brand and Peter Schlickenrieder played a key role here – both demonstrating ambition and the motivation to perform. However another critical value was the ability to suffer when going to the limit but then preparing for this in the best way possible. For us Peter represents credibility and real appeal by the authentic way he approaches even adventurous projects. All these characteristics made him an Olympic medalist in the sport of cross-country skiing and earned him many additional honors. The handshake and dependable commitments mean so much both to Peter Schlickenrieder and to us. His well-grounded but calculated spirit of adventure plus his enthusiasm for modern technologies are what won us over. These simply represent an ideal fit.”

The TQ brand has also won over Peter Schlickenrieder: “For me TQ-Systems stands for quality, performance, reliability, and progress. I am extremely excited about collaborating with this innovative company and about the many shared projects.” He sees a variety of links between himself and TQ: “Technology is the driver of digitization, and should make life easier or enhance the quality of life. Previously as a professional athlete I profited from the technical innovations of the ski industry. Today I utilize many technical tools to plan, organize, implement, and document my projects. Technology provides many solutions to problems of the future. In order to achieve innovative advances you need strivers, committed doers, crossover actors, and explorers who think outside the box like the team at TQ-Systems. For me they are also pioneers who seek out challenges based on curiosity – with the aim of making the world a little bit better. This is where I see an ideal starting point for cooperation. Technology can enhance quality of life, provide solutions, and is just cool and fascinating. Working together we want to have people experience technology and innovation, but also motivate them toward curiosity and the spirit of discovery.”

TQ-Systems is one of Germany's leading technology companies. TQ is a systems service provider that develops and produces complex electronic modules and systems on behalf of customers. In addition, TQ provides complete solution modules such as embedded modules and systems, drive solutions for E-bikes, as well as robotics, solutions for aeronautical applications, medicine, but also building automation and energy management.

Peter Schlickenrieder's greatest achievements were earning the silver medal in the sprint at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City, two World Cup wins in the individual competition and one World Cup relay competition, plus five German championship titles. Following this he established a sports marketing agency and has been vice president of the German Ski Association since 2005. He has worked as a TV expert and co-moderator for the sport of cross-country skiing at the German TV station ARD since 2002. Since 2008 he has also been seen as a fitness expert in the “ARD Buffet” program.


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TQ is winner in the 2017 Bicycle Brand Contest

Most powerful electric bike drive on the market also sets standards when it comes to design

The TQ HPR 120S drive of the technology company TQ has been named the winner in the E-Bike/Pedelec category of the 2017 Bicycle Brand Contest. The TQ HPR 120S is a drive for electric bicycles, pedelecs and electric transport vehicles. The design that has now received recognition was created in cooperation with the agency Target-Design of Seefeld near Munich.
“We are proud that we were able to impress such a renowned awards committee in the electric bicycle industry. Design is also playing an increasingly important role in the electric bike market. For TQ as a premium producer, it is not only excellent performance that creates a high-end product but also perfect design. “It is wonderful that this has now been acknowledged by the award in the Bicycle Brand Contest,” says Reiner Gerstner, CMO of the TQ Group, commenting on the recognition.
The TQ drive is currently the most powerful and compact drive on the market. The core component of the drive system is a patented pin-ring gear. Without reducing efficiency, the TQ HPR 120S enables torques of up to 120 Newton meters in an extremely compact mounting space.
“We found that the package from TQ, that is to say the layout of motor, gearing, etc., was simply ingenious,” says Hans-Georg Kasten, owner of Target-Design. “We said that we would have to make use of this ingenuity in our design work. We have completely reinvented the motor design, moving away from conventional visual cues in order to logically visualize the new technology.”
Gerstner comments on the design of the TQ HPR 120S: “The drive's design is an expression of its character: technically intelligent, powerful and contemporary while meeting the highest quality standards.”
The drive design was created in a design thinking process. “In this process, the user – that is, the customer of our customer – was the center of focus,” says the CMO of TQ, “and we wanted to excite precisely this user with our product and the character of our design.”
The Bicycle Brand Contest recognizes excellent product and communication design in the industry with its annual awards. The initiator and organizer of the Bicycle Brand Contest is the Rat für Formgebung (‘German Design Council’) – one of the world’s leading competency centers for communications and knowledge transfer in the fields of design and brand communications. The council was founded in 1953 and has over 260 member businesses. The awards committee for the Bicycle Brand Contest is made up of highly regarded industry figures representing the areas of media, design and brand communications.

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Electro doping or exciting race format?

  • Ebike race TQ-Drives©Stéphane Candè

New sports and sports equipment usually create exciting new contests. Meanwhile more and more often e-bikes can be seen at the starting line of mountain bike races – sometimes as a separate category with conventional cross-country and marathon races, sometimes as completely independent competition formats. Sometimes such contests are criticized as electro-doping, as a dilution of the traditionally muscle driven struggle man against man, woman against woman. Last but not least, however, competitions are also a catalyst for technical innovations. Tech fans enthuse about a „MTB Formula One“, which may dawn. Racing with e-bikes – does it make sense? And what about fairness? How could exciting competition formats look like in the future?

The magazine EMTB spots on e-MTB marathons from different angles: EMTB Article

Tour Esterbergrunde

  • TQ-Drives Tour Esterbergrunde

Set out on the Esterbergrunde from the quaint village of Eschenlohe and pedal through the Eschenlaine valley along an idyllic stream – it’s pure bliss for eMountainbikers since there are a couple of mean uphill sections. On the climb to Simetsberg you can see the turquoise Walchensee sparkling through the trees flanked by the mighty Karwendel mountain range. Via Wallgau you bike up to a hut, the Gschwandtnerbauern (or alternatively the Esterbergalm – both with a great view and great cakes) and you return to Eschenlohe via Garmisch.


Tour Karwendelrunde

  • TQ-Drives Tour Karwendelrunde

The Karwendelrunde is a true legend – an absolute must-do especially for eMountainbikers. It is long (don’t forget your charger for the Karwendelhaus), features nasty steep sections and staggering scenery. The classic route takes your from Scharnitz to the Karwendelhaus and via the Fereinalm/Vereiner Alm back to Mittenwald in a 65 km loop with 1700 metres of climbing. Our tip: if it’s a beautiful day and you don’t want to set off with masses of other riders, start from Hinterriss and pedal up Fereinalm down to Scharnitz and up to the Karwendelhaus.

Find more infos for Karwendelrunde

Tour Tegernsee-Schliersee

  • TQ-Drives Tour Tegernsee Schliersee

There are epic must rides for every mountainbiker – and some of them are even more fun with your eMTB. .

The Tegernsee-Schliersee-Runde takes you from lake to lake – and from hut to hut to hut. You take the first climb from the beautiful Tegernsee up to the Kreuzbergalm (first picturesque stop), enjoy the downhill part and an easy pedalling at the Schliersee before climbing up again to the Gindelalm. The road gets pretty steep in parts so it’s just perfect eMTB material. Enjoy the stop here before taking the final hill over to the next hut, the Neureuth – where you can have the final feast for eyes and belly.


Family taxi – with power to spare

About half of all motorized transport in European cities could be handled with carrier bicycles. E-bicycles fit perfectly into a contemporary, sustainable urban lifestyle. They protect the environment, while at the same time contributing to better health. Whether for delivering food, transporting parcels or picking up the kids from daycare, electric drives for bicycles are the perfect tool for making everyday life with heavy loads easier. It’s just one of the reasons TQ is committed to solutions for electric urban mobility. So take it e-asy – and help improve the quality of life in your city.

Urban Application TQHPR120S

eMTB Event: ePass Portes du Soleil

  • eMTB Events Portes du Soleil

Spring is coming – time to plan your mountainbike season. Portes du Soleil south of Lake Geneva is the largest mountainbike region in the alps. 12 lifts and 600 km of trails link the mountains and villages oft he region, including 5 bikeparks. The Passportes du Soleil event will take place fort he 14th time June 23-25. More than 7000 participants are expected to join this collective trail happening. For the first time there is also a special eMTB-Event: The ePass Portes will be the starting shot for many activities and projects to make Portes du Soleil the leading eMTB region in Europe. The route: 60 km special eMTB trails – uphill flow guaranteed.

Find here more information: Portes du Soleil


TQ-Drives at Eurobike!

  • TQ-Drives at Eurobike

The summit meeting for bicycle industrie and of course TQ-Drives is live!

Visit us:

30th August to 2nd September 2017

Messe Friedrichshafen

We are looking forward to meet you personally!

August 2016 | Press release

  • TQ-Drives|E-Mobility Down-TubeFrame design 1
  • TQ-Drives|E-Mobility FrameFrame design 2


E-bike frame design of the future: the flexible TQ solution

The e-bike of the future has a virtually invisible battery integrated into the frame design, so says one school of thought. The other school claims that the battery should remain visible as a clear manifesto: Yes, I am riding an e-bike. Which is right? Both, thinks TQ, and offers for the TQ120S e-bike drive different solutions for each of the strategies discussed.

At Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, the people who love concealed storage batteries will meet the defenders of the pure e-bike who oppose battery integration. The future of the look of e-bikes has been the subject of heated discussions for a long time in the technical press, in forums and on social media.

The TQ Group, as a vendor of complete drive systems, has reacted to this and is now developing integration solutions in addition to the models with a visible battery that have already been shown. The team of Dr. Christian Becker, head of the E-Mobility division of the TQ Group, asked a team of top designers for some creative input. A few of the results will be shown at Eurobike at the TQ fair booth. Dr. Becker stated, "We do not want to interfere with the discussion. We want to let the client decide whether they want an integrated storage battery or one that is completely visible. There are good reasons in favor of each concept and both have their fans. Why start a debate on principles? We think the only important matter is that every conceivable design solution can be implemented using the TQ Power Packet."

Whether the battery is visible or not – the compact TQ120S, the power plant from the TQ Group, can be used to realize individualized and futuristic design solutions as well as standard e-bikes with the basic triangular frame shape. Bicyclists will be overjoyed. Even the most extravagant e-bikes can now be equipped with a TQ120S TQ motor having torque of 120 Nm, power up to 920 watts and a battery capacity of 880 watt-hours. 

August 2016 | Press release

  • High-performance drives with new label

High-performance drives for e-bikes have a new name: cleanmobile is becoming TQ

The TQ Group, a high-tech company focusing on drive technology, aviation and aerospace technology, medical technology and industrial electronics, will be offering its high-performance mid-drive motors for e-bikes and cargo e-bikes in the future under the umbrella brand name of TQ. The former brand name of cleanmobile will no longer be used.

Dr. Christian Becker, manager of the E-Mobility division of TQ Drives, explains the reasons. "For us, the name change is the next logical step of tying our drive or its perceived image to our parent company to a greater degree. TQ stands for 'Technology and Quality' and this is precisely what our drive combines. For this reason, we decided to use the power of the umbrella brand name even more." In addition, there are many technical reasons favoring forgoing the previous name. Dr. Becker continued, "The TQ drive system has continued developing in the last two years to an unbelievable degree and can no longer be compared with the original cleanmobile drive."

Even the market has often not been able to comprehend the previous boundary with respect to the TQ Group, says Dr. Becker. "Our clients and the media have been talking about the 'TQ motor' for a long time when they actually meant the 'cleanmobile drive'."

At the Eurobike bicycle fair in Friedrichshafen (31 August - 4 September 2016), the TQ Group will be presenting the newest model of their reference mid-drive motors TQ 120 S (for the sport area) and TQ 120 C (for the cargo bike market) with many changes including new solutions for connectivity and design integration.

August 2016 | Press release

  • TQ Remote controller ComfortRemote controller Comfort

Connectivity 4.0 for the TQ mid-drive motor

At Eurobike (31 August – 4 September 2016), the TQ Group will present the latest generation of their display and controller solutions for the TQ120S mid-drive and their TQ120C cargo bike versions. These solutions are a self-contained remote operating unit and a well-organized four-color display with a lot of functions. With these two innovations, TQ is already moving full steam ahead in the direction of E-bike Connectivity 4.0.

Remote controller Comfort

Intelligent remote positioned on the handlebars with joystick operation and lit dot-matrix display; shows speed, state of charge and assist level; Bluetooth interface with Micro-USB charging for USB devices; protection class IP65; the remote can be used autonomously to control the TQ motor, a display is not necessary; it can be mounted either on the left or right side of the handlebars.

Display Premium

Removable display with full-color 3.5" TFT display, transflective (the display is very legible even under strong ambient light conditions); integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery provides functionality even when removed; integrated ambient light sensor; compatible with Remote controller Comfort; mirroring function in combination with a smartphone to display navigation instructions; compatible with the Naviki bicycle app for iOS and Android. Display options: Speed, assist level, light icon, pushing aid, shift recommendation, trip data: total/trip, range and range-dependent navigation; cardio function, smartphone messaging (mirroring, display of messages and even navigation icons), status information, time, stopwatch. Protection class IP65.

The Remote controller Comfort and the optional Display Premium will debut at Eurobike 2016 in the mid-drives TQ120S and TQ120C (formerly known as the cleanmobile PIN120). With 120 Nm of torque and a maximum power of about 920 W, both are the most powerful production mid-drive motors for E-bikes (pedelecs, S-pedelecs and Race-pedelecs) at this time.

August 2015 | Press Release

  • Picture 3,2“ TFT colour display

Connectivity-Lösung for the cleanmobile drive system

cleanmobile, supplier of powerful and high efficiency electric drive solutions for light electric vehicles (LEVs), will present an on-board computer at Eurobike 2015. With this computer, the user has all the ride data at a glance in high-quality graphics and is completely networked at the same time.

With the new HMI (Human-Machine Interface), cleanmobile is presenting a display using a technology that can hold its own with the best: The 3.2" TFT color display has intensive luminance and provides good contrast so it is easy to read the display, even in sunlight. In addition, the display has the best non-reflecting properties because of the Transflective Display Technology.

During the ride, a data logger records the collected trip data. The Bluetooth 4.0 interface allows direct communication and data transmission from the on-board computer to a smart phone or computer. The trip data can then be evaluated and saved.

The rider always stays connected, even during the trip, because incoming calls and text messages can be shown directly on the display.

Different views can be selected using a mini-joystick. The user doesn't even have to take his hands off the handlebars to do this. The mini-joystick can easily be operated by thumb.

The new cleanmobile on-board computer is compelling even under the harshest off-road conditions. The device is robust, dustproof, waterproof and vibration-resistant. The display can be removed so that thieves can't get their hands on it.

A Micro USB charging port for a smart phone is integrated into the display mount completing the product properties of the new on-board computer.

The cleanmobile drive system consists of the e-drive with patented pin ring transmission, a customized or standard lithium ion battery, the display, speed sensor, torque sensor, shift interrupter, the wiring harness and a charger. The PIN 120 e-bike drive system from cleanmobile provides concentrated power in minimum space. The extremely thin and elegant construction is easy to integrate in any bicycle frame while, at the same time, enhancing the overall visual appearance of the bike. The new on-board computer really fits well into the overall cleanmobile concept with regard to technology and visual impression.

April 2015 | Press release

A successful product goes into mass production - cleanmobile delivers the e-Bike drive PIN120

cleanmobile has launched its newly developed state-of-the-art e-Bike drive PIN120. Many drives have been delivered to the excited clients since January. The revolutionary cleanmobile e-Bike drive PIN120 offers an unmatched power within a minimum installation space. The slim and elegant design allows its flawless integration in each bike frame and strengthens its total appearance. The PIN120 offers you a completely new riding experience, which you simply must savor for yourself.

With e-mobility all that matters is the drive. Actually, it is crucial to get fast from A to B while you also protect the resources and environment. The fun factor plays also an important role.

The innovative cleanmobile drive unites the diverse and demanding requirements in perfect harmony: The PIN120 reconciles design and engineering expertise, mature technology and a unique riding experience.

The high expectations of the cleanmobile team are reflected in the design of its innovative drive. Also motivation is a key factor behind the market launching. The PIN120 is not a drive as other manufacturers might build it. The sophisticated technology which the drive is based on is making it extremely compact and light. All important components have been directly placed into the drive and are joined in the smallest installation space, with integrated freewheels.

It is very simple: When the motor is switched off, you do not have to move it forward which makes your e-Bike feel just like a normal bike.

But with a powered motor, you "go like a train" as the saying goes. The unique patented pinring drive releases a huge amount of power, well ahead of the competition, making the PIN120 the top sports power unit among the E-bike drive units.

A reduction ratio of 1:37 is achieved in just one mechanical stage, with rotation-symmetrical installation space. Over 150 teeth are simultaneously engaged, allowing the even distribution of force. As a result, a larger amount of torque is available, providing easy speed and plenty of fun. It is amazing how powerful such a compact design can be. Both the assembly and integration into the design are very easy. The PIN120 lets a vehicle radiate without interfering in its typical brand character. Distinct from many traditional e-Bike drive units, cleanmobile is a successful complement for the drive wheel housing. A bike transformed into an e-Bike stands now for a unique e-mobile brand.

The company behind the cleanmobile brand is the electronics service provider TQ-Systems near Munich, Germany. TQ has been a parent company of the cleanmobile brand since 2012. The experts at TQ have a longstanding experience in the domain of drive technology and know instinctively what the right product is.

cleanmobile shall move a lot in the future. Angelika van der Straaten, sales and marketing executive at cleanmobile, is very positive: "We can count on a fantastic support structure. The expertise of our engineers, their know-how and innovation drive allow us to bring a really mature top quality product on the market. We don't have any teething trouble either. We take off with the series production."